Il Trovatore
by Giuseppe Verdi

FOR THE 2023 SEASON Each opera production produced by the Novara theater is "illustrated" by an image created by Giulio Pedaci "That Tragic Visual Suffering Born of Azucena"

ARTIST Giulio Pedaci with Corinne Baroni (photo Finotti) and the image created for "II Trovatore"
A novelty accompanying the 2023 opera season at Novara's Teatro Coccia: each production is "illustrated" by an image created by artist Giulio Pedaci and given to the audience. This was the case for the premiere of Trovatore staged last weekend: the image was included in the booklet distributed to the audience. "I gladly accepted Corinne Baroni's proposal, and my idea of a contamination between sculpture, digital painting and photographic post-production turned out to be fully in tune with Coccia's project." The image is titled "I.I original sin (Deh, tell that baleful story)" and is connected to the character that Pedaci (Salento-born, lives and works in Bologna where he graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of maestro Concetto Pozzati) identifies as the real protagonist of Giuseppe Verdi's opera namely Azucena. As explained at the press conference it revolves around the ((contrast between the image she represents and the title I chose." Now the maestro delves into the path and meaning of his work centered on the manipulation of images through technological tools of which he is an expert user for Italian and international companies. "I have a great love for music as well as painting and sculpture. This love unique to the mastery of technological tools creates an innovative and unique language. Painting becomes digital and images must be heard to be truly seen>). An assumption that becomes the cornerstone of his poetics: "The image I created was born out of the suffering that music transmitted to me: I tremendously experienced that suffering, which turned into vision." li title of the opera, inspired by "Virgin and Child" (Saint James Cathedral), 11so contrasting with the human figure of a mother holding her child, is the result of the drama that Azucena evokes in the aria of part U, scene one, and which, precisely because of that event as horrible as it is inconceivable, makes her the actual tragic protagonist of Verdi's opera. The desire for revenge that becomes madness, that destroys the purest love and blurs any possibility of salvation, echoes even in the last act, in the words uttered even in the face of the death of that wrong child of hers>>. A journey that will continue by entering the soul of the works.
• Eleonora Groppetti